COVID-19 Voices

Though the dreaded Coronavirus is supposed to be indiscriminate, the effects of COVID-19 are disproportionately disastrous for people from the margins – migrant workers, women, sex workers, sexual minorities, daily wage labourers and others. As an organisation that is committed to mainstreaming the voices of the poor and marginalised sections of society in the quest for equity and governance, Praxis has put together a webinar series to listen to their experiences of coping with the current crisis and to share findings of rapid surveys being conducted with communities in different pockets in the country. Do read the collated voices here.


Social identities deeply colour the experience of people on the margins. Which caste do you belong to? What is your religion? What is your sexual orientation? What kind of work do you do? How far have you studied? Nobody knows this better than those who have been sidelined because of their identities. Today’s amidst a global crisis, they are pushed to the margins yet again…


Be it garments or construction, agriculture or FMCG, the plight of workers in the supply chain has been ignored and the workers themselves abandoned at the mercy of the state. While there may be a ray of hope here and there, the larger story is of an unaccountable industry…

Our Reach


Webinars held with a range of stakeholders – from sanitation workers to homeless persons, from children with disability to nomads, from sex workers to garment workers, from farmers to migrant labourers


Panelists shared their experience of the lockdown and the crisis it has brought


Participants attended the webinars


States represented through our webinar panelists, bringing together a range of experiences and voices

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